divendres, 7 d’abril de 2017


Hi families!
Today in the morning, we first went to McDonald's to have a second breakfast, because we love McDonald's. After that, we went to school and we had lessons there. We had fun and we learnt a lot of new things. Then, during the break, we played table football. After the match, we went back to class and, after it, we had lunch. At lunch time, we were playing in the classroom and we caused a slight accident with one of the lights (nothing serious).
At 2 o'clock, we went to the Royal Albert Museum in the town centre. There we watched the exhibition and later we played on our mobile phones. After the museum, we went shopping for a while. It was so much fun!
After shopping, we went to Zizzi's restaurant to have dinner all together. Dinner was delicious!
We had a great day! It was so funny!

Santi Urbina and Iago Sanchez

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